Marketing during the time of Corona

The world currently has the greatest number of people who have “free-time” and are using the internet more than ever. If you run a business and were thinking of the best time for you to revamp or begin with a fantastic plan to have a digital presence for your brand or business, this can just be the right time.

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Corona Virus (COVID19) has thrown the world out of the league. It has hit many of the businesses worldwide. Hit so hard that not only many of the SMEs are struggling to survive, but also quite a few of the larger corporations and businesses are hardly pulling this off. If this pandemic doesn’t show the sign of going away anytime soon, the world after this wave of COVID19 might be a very different one, a complete paradigm shift in terms of human development. However, as a friend of mine said a few days back, “This shall too pass.” 

Right now, many of us are running our offices establishing a work-from-home policy, and many of us have also completely halted our operations. Never had the world before this time had seen so many of us working from home. The world currently has the greatest number of people who have “free-time” and are using the internet more than ever. If you run a business and were thinking of the best time for you to revamp or begin with a fantastic plan to have a digital presence for your brand or business, this can just be the right time. And, if you still think your business does not need to “go digital”, you might want to give another thought about it.

With over a billion population staying at home working or using video streaming channels like Netflix or Youtube, ISPs are being tasted with their ability to manage bandwidth for everyone. In a bid to alleviate the potential congestion, Facebook joined Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube to reduce its default video quality in Europe on March 23. A report by CNBC states that over 60% of data transmitted over the internet account to video streaming. This is mostly because videos have a larger file size than other types of files. Yet, this is the time when the number of daily active users and the daily active session per user is at its peak. Facebook and Twitter have already reported this over the media. This clearly means there is no better time than now to reach your targeted audience through digital platforms.

Over 3.3 million US citizens filed for unemployment benefits last week. Not just the U.S., gig economy has pretty much stalled around the globe raising the level of unemployment and sunken level of earnings. There is only a small amount of discretionary income available in the hands of people and they are going to spend it in a wise manner. Thus, unless you are a product or a service provider for the basic necessities, your marketing efforts should focus not on promotions and advertisements to sell your products or service but on public service announcements (PSAs) and non-profit initiations intending to give a boost to the level of brand awareness. Impressive and interesting messages will not only keep your business or brand in the mind of the customers but will also allow your business to polish the brand image.

Similarly, if you are yet to have your business presence on social media platforms, now is the time to start. And if you do have an account that hasn’t been done much, working on the content and posting updates is what you should start doing at this time. As mentioned earlier, the greatest number of people are “online” at this period of crisis and you can leverage this time to show the level of concern you have over your customers. Depending on the type of user-base suitable for your business, you can go ahead in creating accounts over several platforms. One thing you shall however remember is that the initial state of setting up accounts and making posts over these channels is more about diving into content marketing and not throwing in ads or offers. Content marketing is not more about conversions but is more about building relationships and keeping the engagements at a high level with your target audience.

Before you dive into preparing and posting content over the platforms, it is highly recommended that you look into the dynamics of each of the platforms as each of these might have a different target-audience to look into and require more-or-less a different content and strategy to succeed. You may look into some of the interesting tips from Social Media Examiner’s Youtube channel which I find to be concise and extremely useful in terms of developing content and building engagements across multiple channels.

Make sure you have your presence over Facebook – that’s where the biggest crowd is right now. Also, do not forget that search engines have a major role to play in your digital presence. Conduct SEO audits for your website if you can, or get the help of the experts. In my case, I always provide a list of checkpoints for my clients to look into as a part of the basic SEO audit. Optimize your website based on the results of the audit. Another thing to remember is that Youtube is the second most popular search engine. Thus, your presence on Youtube might be of great help, and with Instagram’s IGTV gaining popularity you may use shorter versions or similar content over both of these channels.

Leveraging these strategies might not pay off in the short run, yet these are sure to turn into an invaluable asset as the world dives further into the digital and augmented world over time. As they say, better late than never.

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