Tootle vs. Pathao – Which is better? A Rider’s Perspective

tootle vs pathao nepal rider

Tootle and Pathao, as ride-sharing apps, have gained huge popularity over a short period of time. While a few people have even begun their journey as full-time riders for these applications, I recently experimented life as a Tootle as well as Pathao’s rider. Based on this interesting experience, I have prepared this short paper analyzing multiple aspects and the differences in both of the applications.

This paper looks into the financial, technological, psychological, usability, marketing, and a few other aspects on the rider’s end of two major ride-sharing apps of Nepal – Pathao and Tootle.

The research and the data presented in this paper is completely limited to the author’s experience of riding Pathao for 12 hours completing 12 rides, and riding Tootle for 10.5 hours completing 19 rides. Thus, having the sample size of one, all the figures that are based on the number of rides, hours spent, and revenues earned might not depict or match with the actual average figures. The opinions of the passengers were obtained from the conversation between the rider and passengers.

Paper aims at unraveling multiple aspects of these two applications in order to provide potential riders with a better understanding of both of the applications. Further, it aims at providing suggestions to both the companies to march forward with their goals and objectives. This paper is only published for unofficial use and is free of any copyrights for reuse. However, any use of the document is suggested to be only made with prior consent of the author.

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Author: prayash

Giving up the journey as an op-ed writer, this is a fresh start to my long started yet an incomplete will of blogging. Hopefully this receives continuation over the year and will be an interesting achieve for the readers.

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